How It Works

Optimize your workflow with software that's customized for you

Staff of all technical levels can easily manage your programs

  • Create unlimited application cycles with specific date timeframes
  • Enable different types of programs with unique application requirements and schedules
  • Hide or display different fields based on application type
  • Easily update details and information on the backend
  • Use bulk editing to update multiple applications at the same time

Send automatic emails when changes are made to an application’s status

  • Approve new applicants to ensure program eligibility
  • Select which panelists will work with each application cycle
  • Limit viewable applications to only those that panelists are assigned to
  • View all application details in a concise dashboard
  • Listen to and download multimedia files within the system
  • Download a zip or csv of all applications for offline reviewing
  • Score applications and leave comments that are only visible to other panelists

Applicants have a frustration-free submission experience

An icon representing applicants
  • Personal information is saved and automatically filled in for return applicants
  • Applications are broken down into smaller, more digestible sections
  • Multimedia attachment uploads are simple and intuitive
  • Applicants can save their progress and return later
  • User dashboards display each application’s status

Streamline your process with an application management system that's built for you.

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