A graphic depicting the modular nature of ApplyCycle.

Workflows for how you work

ApplyCycle is built to meet your organization’s unique needs. Work in the way your organization wants, not how a software vendor thinks you should.
A graphic depicting a clear process for managing applications from start to finish.

Simplify your application process

A seamless experience means happier applicants. Ensure that applicants never lose their information with the ability to save as they go. Allow rich media attachments, such as audio, video, image, and PDF files.
A graphic depicting a chart of applicants.

Help panelists work more efficiently

ApplyCycle lets you assign panelists and staff to specific applications through nuanced reviewer permissions and provides flexible tools for scoring. Streamline applicant and cycle data in CSV exports tailored to your organization.
A graphic depicting ApplyCycle's customizable elements.

Eliminate out-of-box software limitations

Customize your system to fit with your existing design, branding, and processes. Based on open source software to give utmost flexibility, without long-term vendor lock in.
We've used Zivtech's application management system since 2010 after trying several other off-the-shelf solutions, and cannot imagine working without it. It is simply essential to our work.
Philip Rothman, Program Advisor at the Aaron Copland Fund for Music

Streamline your process with an application management system that's built for you.

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