Content Management

Basic Pages

A Basic Page is an informational page on your site. Use it to create an 'About Us, ' 'Our Mission,' or any other page. You can put these pages into the site's menu or just link to them from other pages.

Adding a Basic Page

Add a new page via Content->Add Content->Basic Page. Give the page a title and add content into the Body field. See the WYSIWYG section for more information.

Press ‘Save and Publish’ to save the new page. You can also create an unpublished page by using the arrow next to the ‘Save and Publish’ button. An unpublished page is useful when you are not done working on the page and do not want it to be viewable by the public yet.

Editing a Basic Page

When you are viewing a basic page as an editor you will see an ‘Edit’ tab for editing that page.

If you cannot find the page you want to edit (as may happen if you did not add it to the menu or did not yet publish it), go to the Content page which lists all content.

When you edit a page it will save a new revision. If you make a mistake you can always revert to a previous revision by going to the Revisions tab of the page. You can also compare revisions here to see what was changed between edits.

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