Content Management


You can customize the main menu on your site. Go to Site Configuration->Menu Items.

Manage the Main Menu

Ordering the Menu Items

To change the order of items in the menu, grab the crosshairs icon next to the menu item name and drag it into position. Then press ‘Save.’

Adding a Menu Item

Press 'Add Link' on the Menu management page to add a new menu item. Fill in the Title you want to display in the menu and choose the page for the Link by typing in the title of a page.

You can also link to an external site by pasting an absolute URL into the Link field.

Editing a Menu Item

Edit a menu item you've added to change its title, path, or description.

Edit a Menu Item

Removing a Menu Item

You can uncheck 'Enabled' to disable a menu item. Menu items you've added to the site can be deleted entirely with the Delete button under the Operation column.

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