Programs are ongoing programs your foundation runs. Each one will correspond to a specific application type with its own application form. Your foundation may have only one program, or multiple.

Programs will be listed automatically on your homepage and on your /programs page.

Manage programs at Application Management > Manage Application Programs.

Here you can find a list of your site’s programs with links to edit them or add a new program.

When you add or edit a program you can control the text describing the program to your applicants.

Add a New Program

Programs contain the following fields:

  • Program Name: Name of new program.
  • Image: Image that will appear on the Programs landing page.
  • Full Description: The full description appears when you view the program. See the ‘WYSIWYG’ section for information on styling the text in these fields.
  • Short Description: The short description appears on the Programs landing page at /programs.
  • Application Type: This field associates the Form that will be used to apply for this program.  This value is set automatically and should typically not be changed.
  • FAQ Category: Select the FAQs to associate with this Program.  The FAQs will appear at the bottom of the Program page.

To save your Program but keep it unpublished, scroll to the bottom of the page, hover the mouse over the 'Save and Publish' button and an arrow will appear. Then, click on the arrow and select ‘Save and Keep Unpublished’.

Note: The Programs management page ( /admin/applications/programs) will only display programs that are Published.

When you are sure you want your Program to be published, navigate to the Content menu item and find the Program you would like to publish. Under the Program's 'Operations' column click on 'Edit'. Viewing the Program's edit form, scroll to the bottom of the page and click on the 'Save and Keep Unpublished' button arrow. Then select 'Save and Publish'.

Programs and Application Types

Each program corresponds to a unique application form. When you create a new program, a new application type is automatically created and associated with the program. See ‘Applications’ to learn to mange the application forms.

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