User Accounts


An editor is a staff person who can manage the site.

Editor accounts have a lot of ability to change the site, so be sure your editors are careful with their accounts. This means:

  • Use a strong and unique password. Use of a password manager such as LastPass is recommended.
  • Be careful with logged in sessions. Do not leave your account logged in on an unattended computer.
  • Block editor accounts when staff leave your organization. We recommend preparing a checklist of online services your organization uses (email accounts, etc.) for use when a staff member leaves so that you do not forget to block accounts.
Adding an Editor

Add a new user at People->Add a new user.

  • Enter the user’s email address.
  • Enter a strong password into the password fields. The user can change their password later.
  • Keep the status field on ‘Active.’ Blocked users cannot log into the site.
  • Check ‘Editor’ for the user role.
  • Check ‘Notify user of new account.’ This will send the user an email that lets them log in and change their password.
  • Press ‘Create new account’ to save the user.
Removing an Editor

If you need to delete a user, go to People and find the user account. Click to Edit the user. On the edit form use the ‘Cancel Account’ button to delete the user.

You can alternatively Block a user. This will prevent them from logging into the site but allow you to keep their user information. From the user edit form, under the ‘Password’ tab change the Status to ‘Blocked’ then save.

Masquerading as another User

Editors can masquerade as other users. This is helpful to troubleshoot problems and user confusion.

Go to the People page. You can filter users by role or user status (active or blocked).

To masquerade, go to the drop down menu under the Operations column. Click on the arrow, and then click on Masquerade As. You will see a notification at the top of the screen that says ‘You are masquerading as (User Name)’.

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