User Accounts


Reviewers review applications. A reviewer has access to review the applications for their assigned cycles.

Adding a Reviewer

Add a new reviewer at People->Add a new user.

  • Enter the reviewer’s email address.
  • Enter a strong password into the password fields. The reviewer can change their password later.
  • Keep the status field on ‘Active.’ Blocked users cannot log into the site.
  • Check ‘Reviewer’ for the user role.
  • Check ‘Notify user of new account.’ This will send the reviewer an email that lets them log in and change their password.
  • Press ‘Create new account’ to save the reviewer.
Editing a Reviewer

You may need to edit a reviewer’s account, for example if the reviewer has changed their email address or is no longer an active reviewer. Find the reviewer on the People page which lists all user accounts on the site. You can filter this page by Role to see only Reviewers. Find the reviewer’s account and press ‘Edit.’

If the reviewer is no longer active you can change their status to be ‘Blocked.’ This will keep the reviewer’s history on your site but prevent them from logging in.

You should not need to edit a reviewer account if the reviewer has forgotten their password. They can request a new password via email by going to the ‘Request a new password’ tab on the user login page.

Reviewers Site Use

Once a reviewer is logged in, they can find their assigned cycles by going to the My Account link in the top menu. Here they will find links to a list of approved applications for each cycle to which they are assigned.

Reviewing Applications

From the page of Approved Applications for the assigned cycle, a reviewer can click to view an reviewer. Press 'Review' to expand the full review form. On this form Reviewers may submit a numeric score as well as leave comments.

The 'Mark as Reviewed' checkbox lets the reviewer keep track for herself which applications she has already reviewed.

Navigating Applications

The review form also provides tools for quickly navigating to other applications in the same cycle. To use this, applications must be in the 'Approved for Review' status and have assigned Application IDs (staff can assign Application IDs manually on the Cycle's Bulk Editing page.)

The ‘Previous Application’ and ‘Next Application’ links will take the user to the next or previous application based on Application ID.

‘Jump To Application’ provides a list of all approved applications within that cycle and will take the user directly to their selection.

Assigned Applications

In addition to being able to review all applications for an assigned cycle, reviewers may be designated to review specific applications (editors can assign reviewers by editing an application or using the Cycle's Bulk Editing form.) This can be useful if you have many long applications to review and want to distribute the load between reviewers.

Reviewers can easily find all their assigned applications by going to the ‘View approved applications’ page for an assigned cycle and looking for the applications marked 'My Assigned.'

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